In The Flesh #2

I’ve already mentioned how I almost completely missed out on this series, and how much I loved the first episode, but I didn’t get time earlier in the week to blog about the second episode. In short, it was great, but…not quite as incredible as that opener. A tiny part of me was disappointed, but in fairness it was a hard act to follow. I want to know more about the Undead Prophet, and how he fits in with everything, and other then a quick mention from Amy it was conspicuously absent. I’m itching to know more about that side of things. Because lets face it, the Dark Side is always the most interesting side..


I thought that Bill’s reaction to Rick’s return was really well handled, the way that he re-categorised him in his head to keep him separate from the rotters, and even took him rotter hunting…it was beautifully written. As was his wife’s response to the return of her son in his new-found form. And of course when Bill, Rick et al did go hunting..that was ‘the moment’ for me, it didn’t live up to the one that nearly had me in tears in episode one, but it was unexpectedly moving all the same. Seeing the wild rotter protect his young charge like that, it was deftly portrayed and was an image that stuck with me. It was also a lovely touch how everyone assumes a bite means infections, we’re all so conditioned by the films we’ve seen that we imagine we know exactly how an outbreak would go – when of course in actuality we’re completely clueless. It was like the antithesis to Mira Grant’s Newsflesh trilogy, where knowledge from the films saved so many people. I thought that was really well played.

I’m looking forward to seeing the third and final episode, although to be honest I’m gutted that there are only three. There seems to be so much here that could be explored. Here’s hoping it leads on to a bigger and better series next year.


3 thoughts on “In The Flesh #2

    • Harsh, isn’t it?
      If this was a US one it’d be an 8 week run, at least….
      See, that’s what winds me up….
      we do stuff that’s Amazing..I mean..not just ripped off stuff like Walking Dead…but it just doesn’t get the Dev or Exposure…GrrrrrMuch.

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